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Product Highlights

Live Chat

  • Provide visitors with immediate assistance. Explain product options, and answer support-related questions-while customers are still on your site.
  • Make chat available whenever visitors request it, or proactively invite them to chat if you see signs that they're about to abandon your site.
  • Canned answers make it easy for agents to answer routine questions and chat with more than one visitor concurrently.

Operator Consol

  • See in real time who's on your site and what pages they're clicking through.
  • Get state, chat history, connection type, IP address, history of visits to your site, and much more
  • Track visitors who exhibit buying behaviour; invite them to chat if they abandon an order or shopping cart
  • Identify visitors who arrive on your site in response to marketing campaigns and initiatives

Live Keywords

  • Identify keywords and search engines that bring qualified visitors to your site.
  • Track visitors that come in through search engines, and monitor the keyword and search engine used
  • Instantly identify the products or categories of interest to your visitors


  • Optimize online marketing campaigns with web traffic and conversion reports.
  • Complete view of user activity, referral sources, keyword analysis, and more.


  • Quick and easy one-time setup
  • Unlimited chats, transcript search and chat transfers
  • User-friendly tools to increase productivity